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Dr. Zita Magloire, M.D.


Dr. Zita Magloire, M.D.

Dr. Magloire is a founding member and Vice-President of the Marialla V. Magloire (MVM) Foundation, Inc, a Florida based 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit that supports activities and projects in the areas of sustainability, healthcare, agriculture and education. The Marialla V. Magloire Foundation (MVM), Inc is the founding organization for Stargazer Academy where Dr. Magloire serves as Director.

The MVM Foundation has been involved in supporting educational initiatives since 2015, and in 2022 registered to do business in the state of Georgia and founded Stargazer Academy in order to help address the needs of the SW Georgia region in areas aligned with their mission. The Georgia program is an extension of the Foundation’s mission to improve the opportunities for underserved persons and communities by partnering with them and leveraging resources to achieve success.

Dr. Magloire is a family physician in Cairo, Georgia who specializes in the care of the entire family with an emphasis on the health of mothers, infants and children. Dr. Magloire advocates for her young patients by educating parents about early childhood developmental milestones and emphasizing the importance of early learning and intervention to promote a nurturing environment at home and prepare children for success in all stages of life. Dr. Magloire, in collaboration with multiple education specialists, has worked to develop a unique curriculum that can be used to improve the outcomes of children from diverse socioeconomic, ethnic and language backgrounds.


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